Why Firstware IDM-Portal?

…because Identity Management needs a slim solution.

Who is it good for?


What is getting easier?

How does it work?

“With FirstWare IDM-Portal we could reduce the time to create new user accounts by 50%.”


Who is FirstWare IDM-Portal good for?

FirstWare IDM-Portal accelerates the administration of your Active Directory. The administration of your Active Directory. Quickly create new users or modify existing accounts. Non-IT staff can easily take over repetitive tasks in your AD – and users can maintain their own data.

In short: Active Directory Administration becomes easier and faster.

IDM-Portal FreeEdition offers the Admin…



  • …a web based management interface for Active Directory
  • …a delegation tool for user management
  • …the integration of additional information to AD user accounts
  • …a fast search for Active Directory user accounts

IDM-Portal FreeEdition offers the Manager…



  • …the entry point in a simple Identity Management System
  • …an efficient tool to manage Active Directory
  • …user data maintenance with a lasting high quality
  • …relieve for IT admins and Helpdesk
  • …Role Based Access to user management
  • …the possibility to delegate data maintenance to the Human Resources department

IDM-Portal FreeEdition offers the User…



  • …a web based Address and Phonebook with integrated search
  • …a Self Service Portal to edit your personal information such as address or phone number
  • …a Self Service Portal to upload your own photo


“Most of our users updated their personal data and uploaded a photo to the AD.”


What is getting easier with IDM-Portal?

Simplify recurring tasks in your Active Directory. Please click on a topic to learn more.

Zeit sparen, Geld sparen, up-to-date sein

  • Create new user accounts
  • Edit and manage accounts
  • Save time

  • Delegate routine tasks
  • Empower HR and Helpdesk
  • Easy administration

  • Maintain personal data
  • Upload user photo

  • All attributes on 1 page
  • Tab key – no clicking
  • 60% time saving

  • Intranet phone book
  • self-explanatory
  • set up in minutes

  • Photo for phone book,
  • Connected Applications
  • Outlook, Lync etc.


“We stopped the implementation of a big Identity Management Solution after 1.5 years.


FirstWare was implemented instead within just a few weeks.”


How does IDM-Portal FreeEdition work?

The IDM-Portal web interface gives you direct access to your Active Directory. Creation, change or deletion of objects is proceeded directly via LDAP to Active Directory. The software also uses Active Directory for the administration of roles and the permission management. You don’t need an additional user management anymore..
Install IDM-Portal FreeEdition as a single local application or as a central company-wide solution on a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).


Local Installation

Set up a single user installation and you use it immediately after the installation is finished. The software is set up ready-to-use on the local computer.
What functions you can use depends on your permissions.


Web Server Installation (IIS)


You can also implement the IDM-Portal company-wide. A web browser is everything your co-workers need to get access to the software.
It will be installed on IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server). The Web Server Installation has a few extended functions compared to the Local Installation.


Role Based Functionality


Admin Role

Admin Role

The Admin Role is used to…

  • Empower HelpDesk, HR or assistants to maintain data in Active Directory
  • Edit user accounts
  • Config the User Role

User Role

User Role

The User Role provides your employees,…

  • A Self Service Portal
  • An Active Directory Phone Book
  • the possibility to upload their photo to Active Directory

The available functions depend on the role and the permissions the user has. Some functions are not displayed if a user role lacks certain permissions. The user role can not see any options to create users for example. Read more about Role Based Access Control


Active Directory as an Identity Management System

Many Identity Management projects take years and many are never successfully completes. The complexity of the software and the company’s requirements make it more and more difficult to reach a practical solution. Why not trying it with small efficient steps instead of implementing one big IMS?

Active Directory instead of a further Identity Management System:

  • Start with the most important 80% – instead of implementing a huge, heavy and expensive 100% IMS solution
  • Initial operation of the services within a few weeks – instead of wasting years
  • Extend your Active Directory IMS step by step – instead of trying to get everything at once (but maybe never get it running)
  • Use Active Directory as your central system – instead of implementing additional systems.

Using Active Directory as an IMS means to:

  • Save money for an additional system
  • Avoid complexity and the possibility of errors
  • Set up an Identity Management System within 20% of the time you would need for the all-powerful solution
  • Connect further systems to Active Directory
  • A simple Single-Sign-On