Manage AD User Accounts

For the AD user administration FirstWare provides an easy to use web interface. The way attributes are arranged was influenced by many admins and allows you to quickly and easily manage your user accounts.

  • Task-related interfaces for user management
  • Creating, modifying and deleting user accounts
  • Flexible search function with filters and wildcards for the user management
  • Definition of the LDAP entry point (for search and administration)
  • Easy maintenance of business and status information
    e.g. Employee number and employee status (internal, external)

Create User Accounts

You can create new accounts with just a few mouse clicks:

  • New accounts with just one web form
  • Automatic creation of several attributes (formula)
    • Display Name = Last name, First name
    • Logon Name= firstname.lastname
  • User photo

Change or Edit User Accounts

Use FirstWare to perform fast changes to user accounts:

  • Adjustment of user data, status Informationen and authorizations
  • Reset passwords
  • Unlock user accounts
  • Filter and Wildcards in the search