Active Directory Self Service

Your users can maintain their own Active Directory data. Decide what attributes admins should manage and what attributes your users can edit in Self Service.

  • Maintain own address information and phone numbers
  • Upload a user photo to Active Directory
  • Specify the attributes that users can edit


Upload User Photo to Active Directory

FirstWare allows your users to upload a user photo in Active Directory. The photo can be automatically used in

  • Microsoft Outlook, Lync and Office
  • Intranet Phone Book, visible for all users
  • Your other applications (ERP, CRM) that load profile photos from the AD



Maintain Personal Data

Define a User Role for the emplyees in your company and set the fields they can see or edit. Self Service fields are green and editable by the users – other fields are white and read only attributes.

  • Change phone number
  • Edit address information (Street, Zip, City,..)
  • Define a User Role and set “read only” and “editable” fields