Role Based Access to Active Directory

FirstWare enables Role Based Access Control for Active Directory and provides different views. The available features depend on the users role in the company. And they are stored in Active Directory. An additional user management is not necessary.

  • Provision of role-based views on the web interface
  • Show and hide functions based on a user’s role
  • No overload of the views with functions that a normal user can’t use
  • Admin Role and User Role – 2 possible roles in this version

Admin Role

As the owner of the admin role you can create and manage AD users. HelpDesk staff, HR or Assistants could get the Admin Role to:

  • Create, edit or delete users
  • Manage search root and attribute settings
  • Define the User Role



User Role

Give everyone in your company the chance to change their own address or phone number in Active Directory directly. You – or the Admin Role owner – decide what they can change or not.

  • Updating own data – Self Service (z.B. User photo, phone number)
  • Access to the Active Directory Phone Book
  • Let the Admin Role owner limit the User Role’s capabilities