Use AD as Intranet Phone Book

Use your Active Directory as an intranet phone book. The direct LDAP access to the directory Service provides you up-to-date address and telephone information.

  • Provision of an AD based Intranet Phone Book for all users
  • Search and filter functions
  • Definition of the LDAP entry Point for the search function
    eg. to block access to admin and System objects

Delegate Phone Book administration

Let team assistants, Helpdesk or the Human Resources department maintain the master data. Accelerate and simplify the processes of your master data management. Read more about Delegation.

  • Increased master data quality and standardize data
  • Data maintenance by data Controllers (HR, Assistants, Helpdesk)
  • Ensurance up-to-dateness of the phone book data

Users maintain their own Phone Book entries

Go a step further and let your employees update your phone book data. Configurate the User Role so that they can update only pre defined fields.
Read more about Self Service

  • New phone numbers are updated by the owner
  • No more Helpdesk calls due to wrong addresses or phone numbers
  • Time saving for admins and helpdesk