Delegate Active Directory Administration

Delegate repetitive tasks to employees without deep Active Directory knowledge. Relieve your IT department and shorten administrative processes.

  • Creation of new user accounts via easy to use web Interface
  • Maintenance of user data, eg. address and phone information
  • Reset passwords
  • Unlocking user accounts

Delegate the Creation of User Accounts

The delegation of Standard User Management processes is possible with FirstWare. Transfer AD Admin tasks to assistants, HelpDesk or the Human Resources department (HR).

  • Self-explanatory web forms for the creation of new users
  • Maintenance of user Information, eg.
    • Personnel number, employee status
    • Cost center (on request)
  • Automated standardization of attributs
    (Display Name / Logon Name: Last name, First name)

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Empower your HelpDesk to Reset Passwords

You can also delegate the reset of passwords to the person in Charge without assigning too many permissions. The best way to do that is to separate your AD in “Production” and “Administration” section.

  • Easy search for users via web forms
  • AD entry point for the data conroller (tree only partitially visible)
  • Fast reset of user passwords
  • Force the user to change password at the next start of the computer