Launch of FirstWare IDM-Portal 2017 SmartEdition

We are proud to launch FirstWare IDM-Portal 2017 SmartEdition, the latest and most compact member in the series of FirstWare IDM-Portals.

It was developed with the focus on the end user, as an easily accessible and self-explanatory tool.

The design and features in the IDM-Portal SmartEdition incorporate extensive customer feedback. In addition, it benefits from a long history of development experience gained from previous products.

FirstWare IDM-Portal SmartEdition


Compact tool with flexible usability

The simple installation process and easy, straight-forward usability are essential features of the software. It also allows for a number of customisations and individual touches.

The IDM-Portal can be used in many ways, from an

  • Active Directory based telephone book with SelfService options, to an
  • Identity Management solution with role-based administration and delegation.

In summary, FirstWare IDM-Portal 2017.0 SmartEdition is the fastest out-of-the-box solution for AD user management.


Helpful features

FirstWare IDM-Portal 2017 SmartEdition offers a self-explanatory web-interface which means even non-IT employees have the ability to maintain data in Active Directory.

The web interface, roles and design can be adjusted within the given frame. Furthermore, it can be determined in advance which role can search, change and/or delete user objects.


Define IDM-Roles in IDM-Portal SmartEdition


Customisable logos and colours embed the IDM-Portal smoothly into the corporate identity of a company or organisation.


IDM-Portal SmartEdition Design options


Further advantages

  • Single Sign-on through Windows Integrated Authentication gives fast access to the portal
  • Modern web interface guarantees hassle free, easy usability
  • Identity Management tasks can be executed fast with the help of self-explanatory forms
  • Attribute labels can be changed to fit with the terminology used
  • Easy delegation of administrative tasks via clearly laid-out role configurations
  • SelfService enables users to maintain their own address attributes


AD telephone book


Difference in comparison with other editions

FirstWare IDM-Portal 2017 SmartEdition is the perfect solution for companies and organisations with standard requirements in AD based Identity Management.

The implementation and configuration of the portal can be accomplished without support.


Get your test license now

You can test FirstWare IDM-Portal 2017 SmartEdition for 30 days and see if it fits your needs. We are happy to provide you with further information.


Please contact us!


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