IDM-Portal FreeEdition 2016 released

FreeEdition is now called IDM-Portal FreeEdition and can be downloaded in its 2016 version for free.
The new features and changes.

New Features and Changes

FirstWare IDM-Portal FreeEdition 2016 is now available for free and comes with a couple of new features.

The most important changes:

  • profil photos in the search results
  • two word search filter
  • disable user accounts
  • group management removed
  • new attribute: title
  • default password


AD User photos in the search results

You can see user profile photos in the search results now.


Go to the Config-tab and check the box “show in seach results”


 Unlike the last version, the picture upload is now carried out only when you save the user. Previously the image was uploaded directly.


Disabled users

In IDM-Portal FreeEdition 2016 you can disable user accounts. Create or edit a user and check the box “Disabled”.


Disabled users have a grey arrow on they user icon.



Search filter

Search queries for a name or login are now carried out for the attributes SamAccountName, GivenName, SN and DisplayName.

If you perform a two word search, both terms will be queried separately.
A search for “dan sam” will for example return the user “dana.samuels”.


Search queries of 3 or more words are performed as one contiguous string.


Default Password

In IDM-Portal FreeEdition 2016 you can now set a default password for the creation of new users on the Config tab.


Default Password and Show-Photo option are new features on the Config tab


New Attribute: Title

The title attribute is now available as a combo box. You can either choose a title from the default options (Mr., Ms., Mrs.) or type in your own.  Furthermore, the attribute employee type changed into a drop-down box where you can select the state “internal” or “external”.


New features and changes in the User tab


Group Management removed 

The group management is no longer part of the FreeEdition. The focus is on fast viewing and editing of user information. Active Directory groups are used to achieve various kind of tasks. These tasks are greatly exceeding the management of user information, such as department groups. The removal has been made based on customer feedback. Data admins (not AD admins) should not be able to assign permissions to users. Data admins, holding the Admin Role could assign permissions before, because they also had access to authorization groups.

The management of groups, permissions with a secure and flexible role model for delegation is a feature of IDM-Portal 2016.



25 Bugs have been fixed and minor UI adjustments have been made.


FirstWare IDM-Portal 2016 and PowerShell Integration

IDMPortal FreeEdition is focused on the fast and easy creation and change of user data. Employees have the opportunity to maintain their own data (self-service) with the tool. Costumization of the software was not provided so far. This will change with the second edition, the FirstWare IDM-Portal 2016.

IDM-Portal angepasst CI

IDM-Portal 2016: Customized Design


The upcoming AD Identity Management Software offers customization, Role Based Delegation and Automation. You can adjust the logo and colors to match the Corporate Design of your company or organization. FirstWare IDM-Portal 2016 provides a role management, that allows you to define user, admin or data manager roles. These can be limited to certain OUs and to edit only specific attributes. Automation becomes possible with the integration of Powershell scripts. A mailbox, for example, can be directly set up when you are creating a new user. The group and permission management features are now part of the IDM-Portal. Each action taken is tracked and can be easily reported with the auditing component. The software will be released in the beginning of 2016.

Please send us your feedback or suggestions. We want to improve FirstWare IDM-Portal with your help.

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