FirstWare – Web Server Installation

To provide FirstWare company-wide, it must be installed on a Web Server (IIS).

In this article we want to give a detailed description of the installation.

Take advantage of the Web server installation and role-based administration for example,
to provide AD Self Service or an Intranet Phone book for your users.



Note: Check Download for the latest QuickStart Guide incl. Release Notes


Versions Differences

Functions and permissions in FirstWare are subject to the rights of your user account in Active Directory. Using the Web Server Installation, you have the option within FirstWare to change the user account.

The differences between the installations:

Local Installation
Web Server Installation



The demands on the web server installation are slightly higher than the stand-alone installation.


  • Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • .Net Framework 4.5 or higher
  • Net 4.5 Extensions
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Admin permissions for the installation
  • AD Service Account with necessary permissions
  • Windows Authentication (optional)


  • Device with internet / intranet access (PC, tablet…)
  • Web Browser
    • Minimum:             Internet Explorer 8
    • Recommended: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (current versions)

Recommendation OU structure

For the optimal use of FirstWare-FreeEdition you should use a OU structure that separates the following accounts (see also screenshot Service Account):

  • User Accounts
  • Admin Accounts
  • Service Accounts

The advantage of the separation is that certain branches can be hidden. This increases the visibility and safety for AD delegation tasks later.
If you need help, feel free to send us a message.



The Web Server Installation requires administrator permissions. Run the installation with a right click and choose “Run as administrator“. Note: This is not necessary for the Local Installation.

Run Installer

After starting the installer, please confirm the license agreement and select “Web Server Installation”.

The installer then checks whether all requirements are met.

web-server-installation check

User has local administrator privileges:

Did you have local admin permissions when starting the installer?
If not, please close the installation routine and restart it „run as administrator“.

IIS Installed:

Is MS Internet Information Server installed on your system?
If not, please install IIS and start the installation wizard again.

Active Directory accessible:

Is your Active Directory accessible?
If not, please check that your PC is member of the domain and
please check that you are logged in with a domain account

Microsoft .Net 4.5 installed:

Is the .NET Frameork 4.5 installed?
If not, please install .Net 4.5 or higher

Checks if ASP.NET 4.5 extensions are installed and activated:

Did you already install the extenden roles feature?
If not, please follow the instructions on the FAQ page.

Checks if windows authentication is installed and activated – optional:

The Windows authentication allows users a single sign on to Acitve Directory.
If this is activated they do not need to login at FirstWare but can directly use it.


Click “Next” to continue to the next next screen.

Service Account 1

Application Name*:

              Choose a description that will be visible at the end of the URL.
              If you choose „FirstWare“ the address might look like https://yourdomain/firstware.

Site Name:

We recommend you to use „Default Web Site“ here. You can choose what site on your IIS you want to use. Please note that you have create this site in advance if you do not choose “Default Web Site”.

Application Folder:

Folder, where the application data will be saved to.

Service Account*:

The Service Account is the AD account used by FirstWare to access your Active Directory.
Read more about it in the next chapter: Service Account


Password for the Service Account.

Enable Integrated Windows Authentication:

The checkbox will appear in case Windows authentication was detected. If you check this box users do not need to login at FirstWare later. They can open their browser and use it directly.


Service Account

FirstWare-FreeEdition uses a service account for all actions that are performed. You could use any administrator account. However, we recommend you to create a separate account (service account) and to specify its permissions in advance.

Service Account 

The permissions of the service accounts are the absolute maximum the software can work with.
Other limitations are set within the software by:

  • the user account of the user
  • the role of the user (Admin Role/User Role)
  • the set number of editable attributes

You can later extend FirstWare with an auditing module to track data changes.



  1. Create a Service Account, e.g. srv.firstware.
    More: Define the Admin Role
  2. Set write permissions, a FirstWare admin (Admin Role) should have as a maximum
    More: Rollenbasierten Zugriff
  3. Use the service account during the installation routine

Service Account srv.firstware

And continue setup by clicking “Next”.



Before data is going to be copied, the installer will ask you for a valid license.

In case you already have a license file, you can upload it now. Otherwise, please register your account.
You will get a free license file for FirstWare-FreeEdition after your registration.

And you can always renew your FreeEdition license for free.

Registrierung Lizenz

After that files are copied and FirstWare is ready for use.

Installation abgeschlossen

Run the software with a click on the link at the end of the installation process.
In our example it is https://localhost/FirstWare


Note on Startup in the browser

In case you installed the Web server installation on localhost your browser might prompt the following startup message: “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” You can start the application without further concerns. Click “Continue to this website”.

The message shows up, because FirstWare uses HTTPS and because there is no specific certificate issued for localhost. If you use FirstWare productive, please use a valid certificate for the corresponding URL.

FirstWare im Browser

In case you have any questions or you are looking for customizing,
we are happy to get your your message.



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