FirstWare-FreeEdition 2.1 – Update

With the update to version 2.1 some new features are introduced and several bugs are fixed. The new features at a glance. 


Changes to version 2.1

In version 2.1 FirstWare offers some new attributes for your Active Directory administration.
FirstWare-FreeEdition can be downloaded for free here: Download FirstWare


User management: Office attribute

Office attribute

By some requests, we decided to add the office attribute to the user form.

You can also delegate the maintenance of the office attribute to non IT staff. Go to the Config tab and check the office attribute under “Self editable attributes” to let users edit it in self service.

If you have further ideas for AD user management or your AD phonebook, we look forward to your message.

office attribute 


Group management: Notes, Mail, Manager attributes

The previous attributes company, department, and location were replaced. The reason is that these attributes are not available in the default schema of a Windows Server 2012 Active Directory. They will be added with the installation of Microsoft Exchange.

group attributes: notes, mail, manager


This attribute allows you to make descriptions of the group. Alternatively, you can use the field to enter a path or further information. This can be useful for other applications.


Set a groups email address. This might be useful if the group is used as a mailing list.


With the “Managed By” attribute you specify who is responsible for the group.

Note: The search for the manager must contain the full name. It is a linked attribute. For this reason, searching for the manager using wildcards (*) is not possible. 



In FirstWare-FreeEdition 2.1 various bugs are fixed.

The update also includes new error messages are and cosmetic fixes.


Please send us your feedback or suggestions. We want to improve FirstWare with your help.

Do you need support regarding Active Directory organisation or optimization?
We are happy to get your message.


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