FirstWare-FreeEdition 2.0 released

Today we released FirstWare-FreeEdition in version 2.0 – you can download and use it for free.

Screenshot Firstware FreeEdition 2.0

With the release of FirstWare-FreeEdition 2.0 it is the first time anybody can download and use Active Directory Management Tool for free.


What are the advantages?

  • The most important attributes can be found on just one single web form
  • There is no need of specialized AD knowledge – you don’t need to be an IT pro to understand it
  • AD User Data can be maintained by Non-IT staff
  • Read more about advantages and how the tool works


What can you do with FirstWare-FreeEdition?

Read more about the Ways to use your Active Directory.


FirstWare-FreeEdition Version 2.0 for everyone

Until now FirstWare (Version 1.x) could be only used by clients of FirstAttribute AG consulting projects. Due to the great feedback, we would like to encourage you: Use the potential of your Active Directory.

With the release of FirstWare-FreeEdition 2.0we provide a free and easy to use AD tool to all IT admins.

How to get it and what to do?

You can download FirstWare-Free Edition 2.0 for free. After the download you need a license file, but don’t worry. Everything will be explained during the installation routine and you will be able to get your free license. When the installation is finished you can use this specific Version of FirstWare-FreeEdition without limitations.

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