Active Directory on course

Use the potential of your AD

Increase data quality

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Simple AD User Management

Easy understandable interfaces

Self Service for your users

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Accelerate your processes

Delegate your tasks

Save time and money

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  • Manage Users
  • Edit Attributes quickly
  • One page for all information


  • Delegate Tasks
  • Accelerate Changes
  • Update User data

Self Service

  • Personal Information
  • Intranet Phonebook
  • Upload Photo

FirstWare IDM-Portal makes Identity Management easy

IDM-Portal FreeEdition is a free Identity Management tool for Active Directory networks.

Set up the software in a few minutes on your local PC or install it for the whole company without a lot of effort. You immediatly get access to Identity Management and Permission Management in Active Directory. What you can do depends on your permissions – as an Admin you get more options that a normal user has. We focused on the daily work of admins and users when developing the software. This is why the user interface is kept as simple as possible.

You can use IDM-Portal FreeEdition company-wide at no costs. Provide a SelfService-Portal to your users to let them edit their own personal data by themselves (such as phone number, photo, etc.). At the same time people can use it as an Intranet Phonebook to find mail addresses, phone numbers and other information.

We would like to take advantage of your Active Directory’s potential. You can integrate more and more applications into the directory service. In many cases a small identity management solutions can already achieve a great effect in a short time. Did you ever thought about using Active Directory for that?

Contact us, if you want to know more or if you want to integrate other applications in your Active Directory.